What lesson can a penny teach us?

What lesson can a penny teach us?

A small group of disciplined, principled and dedicated Americans can bring about the change required to live in a free and open society, where justice and liberty prevails.

On Feb. 28, 1854, a movement was born in Ripon, Wisconsin when about fifty abolitionists gathered with the expectation they would change a nation.

They faced a formidable foe, lacked the technology we possess today, and were most important, unincumbered by the excuses that so often paralyze us when facing opposition – great and small.

Lincoln Penny 2014 - Iowa Party ReminderSix years after they gathered they elected the man on our U.S. penny, Abraham Lincoln, and launched the most successful, powerful and relevant third party movement in history.

Unfortunately that party has lost its way as has the party those abolitionists and free-soilers fought against.

The Iowa Party continues its struggle to bring about the accountability to not only elected government officials, agencies and appointees, but also to the Republican and Democratic party operatives and candidates alike.

Where ever men and women who act dishonorably to take advantage of the good will of Iowans are, the Iowa Party will be there to hold to them accountable to the people.

You have the means to hold the mismanagers to account.

Get involved today.

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