Week Two of the Primary Campaign

Week Two of the Primary Campaign

Narcisse.MorningGloryCoffeeIt is amazing how much we learn from experience. We had a really good plan to blitz western Iowa. And it was a good plan. Experience, however, helps us to recognize opportunity and take advantage of the moment.

Yesterday at our first stop a truck driver recognized me so we taped a brief interview with him. It was very encouraging and got us off to a good start.
Next we went to Webster City where the reporter ended our extensive interview with taking us to a near by café. We met the owner, a few customers.

Narcisse.DevineNext we went to Ft. Dodge for an interview with the Messenger. Again, a great interview but afterwards we were invited to be the morning guests live on the Michael Devine Show. 

In the past we would have been slaves to our schedule turning down the opportunity or doing it by phone in order to be in Corning at 2:47 the following day. Experience taught us we could adjust our schedule and make it to Corning another day.

From there we had a really good interview in Spencer. The reporter invited us to come back and meet with this group next month of local leaders and concerned citizens. We look forward to it.

We also are very excited about a block of television interviews this morning in Sioux City. First we are on KMEG, then MyABC9, and we conclude with KTIV before we head to Council Bluffs.

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