Video: The Fix Is In – Why Branstad is Getting a Pass

In two short minutes the untold story of the Polk County Machine, aka the Branstad Cartel, is laid bare by independent Iowa Party candidate for Governor, Jonathan Narcisse.

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Help restore Iowa to Her People and end the Brandstad Cartel Era.

Branstad’s top appointee-donor, Iowa Board of Regents President Bruce Rastetter, far outspent any other. He has contributed a total of $224,243 to Branstad’s campaigns. (And he happens also to be a nationally prominent GOP donor.)


Rastetter appointed to Iowa Board of Regents

Rastetter is the Democratic governor candidate’s (who ran unopposed in the primary) business partner.

“What you didn’t say is that Bruce Rastetter is my partner,” Hatch said.


“Westgate Partnership, an investment group owned by Democratic Iowa Sen. Jack Hatch and Republican businessman Bruce Rastetter, plans to spend approximately $1.85 million on exterior improvements and an additional $650,000 to construct an interior shell across the street from the John & Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park.”

Read more:—Development/Real-Estate—Development/Article/Westgate-to-renovate-1408-Locust-for-Flynn-Wright/173/835/46288#ixzz3B3r7b8qG

Help restore Iowa to Her People and end the Brandstad Cartel Era.

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