Narcisse Qualifies for November Governor’s Race in Iowa

Narcisse Qualifies for November Governor’s Race in Iowa

As an independent, if the candidate wins only 2% of ballots cast, this election will launch the state-wide Iowa Party

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Des Moines, Iowa | July 29, 2014 – Jonathan R. Narcisse was certified by the secretary of state’s office this morning for the November 4th General Election Gubernatorial contest as the Iowa Party candidate.

Narcisse ran for governor as an independent in 2010. Against an incumbent Culver and returing Branstad, and spending less than $50,000 he garnered 1.84% of the votes. His message and solutions received support at the polls from all 99 counties, all 100 House districts, all 50 Senate districts and 1720 out of 1774 Iowa precincts.

In March 2014, Narcisse was denied primary ballot access on the Democratic ticket where he would have run against an un-challenged Jack Hatch. Despite securing enough signatures and meeting the Iowa standard based on the 2012 Joe Seng Ruling of Fact and Conclusion of Law, a Polk County judge based his decision on a 2012 ruling in Arizona. The Iowa Supreme Court upheld the decision without comment.

“Now that we are certified on the ballot it’s time to get to work. With 99 days left in the race we will begin our campaign with a 99 county tour of Iowa. It’s very important to let Iowans know, face to face, that we have a real and viable alternative to the two sides of the coin that has been the joint governance of Republican Terry Branstad and the Democratic controlled Senate,” said Narcisse.

“I’ve known Governor Branstad for nearly three decades. I served on his inauguration committee in the mid 1980s and was made a state commission chair by him shortly thereafter. I’ve known Senator Hatch for as many years. Hatch actually introduced me when I ran for Polk County school board in 2005, and he worked closely with our education initiative a decade ago.”

Narcisse and his supporters assert neither has proven they have solutions for the waste, fraud and cronyism that has prevailed on their three decade watch in the statehouse. “While the rhetoric of Gov. Branstad and Sen. Hatch differs they are the same politician,” said Narcisse.

The Narcisse 2014 campaign is providing Iowa voters the independent choice they deserve. [Click here for Narcisse Issues & Positions:]

Each of the three gubernatorial candidates spoke at the Iowa Newspaper Association convention in February, 2014. The seven minute videos of each can be found at:

“I understand the job of Iowa’s next governor – it isn’t to have all the answers. The number one job of our next governor will be to appoint efficient, effective, competent men and women to office and boards and commissions – public servants who will put the interests of Iowans, our taxpayers, our citizens, our children and families, above the vested interests that have controlled the statehouse and leadership of both parties. And then hold them accountable.”

During the 99 county tour for Narcisse 2014, the campaign will be releasing its solutions on restoring education, growing our state and its economy, and fixing government.

“We have solutions – answers to the challenges that face this state. Most of all Iowans deserve leadership that will place the needs of our taxpayers and citizens above the interests of contributors and cronies,” said Narcisse.

“With a Chief Accountability Officer in the executive, Iowans will have the protections that our oaths of office require.”

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