Narcisse Campaign Update Feb 9-16

Narcisse Campaign Update Feb 9-16

JonathanNarcisse.ReinbeckChildPictured: Jonathan Narcisse at the Grundy County Democratic Party’s Soup Supper/Auction Fundraiser at the Reinbeck Memorial Building in Reinbeck on Sunday, Feb. 9th.

Narcisse stated at the event that this race is about more than defeating Gov. Branstad. “It is a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.”

One-time gubernatorial candidate Bob Krause spoke at the fundraiser and explained his dominance of primary candidate Jack Hatch in media polling despite only spending $1,500 versus Hatch’s $200,000. Video of Krause’s comments are online at

In addition to the Grundy County event Narcisse met with neighborhood activists Monday evening in Cedar Rapids. On Tuesday morning he had an interview with KCRG/Cedar Rapids Gazette. He then met with community leaders in Cedar Rapids before heading to Waterloo.

In Waterloo he met with key community and education leaders. From there he went to Independence for an interview with the Independence Bulletin-Journal. Afterwards the campaign team ate at Bill’s Pizza & Smokehouse and engaged locals on their concerns as Iowans.

jonatwork“Modern technology and mobile connectivity allow our campaign to operate even more efficiently than we did four years ago in our state wide efforts.”

Tuesday concluded with a presentation at the Dubuque County Democratic Party Central Committee meeting. Narcisse began his presentation by thanking party officials for introducing him to Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches. He then promised to learn Euchre.

Narcisse concluded his presentation by stating: “The job of the Governor of Iowa is not to have all the answers. It is to surround himself with competent public servants; men and women who are smarter than he is and competent; who have the moral and ethical compass to put the interests of Iowans, our taxpayers, our families, our children above partisan and political agendas. And then to hold them accountable for the results.”

On Wednesday morning Narcisse visited the University of Iowa Campus. While there he met with the Daily Iowan ( and discussed his top priorities: investing in education, justice, fighting poverty, putting Iowans back to work in good, high paying jobs, and keeping our young people in the state.

At the Daily Iowan he had the opportunity to set straight the blatant misrepresentation of his position on a minimum wage increase. Narcisse was on The Insiders with Bob Krause who supported raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Narcisse opposed that and instead supports a tiered approach to raising the minimum wage that takes into account teens in their first job who mainly need work experience, as well as mom and pop employers.

This tiered approach is no different than has been done with many innovations including the Affordable Health Care Act which takes a tiered approach so that mom and pop employers are treated different than Walmart.

Narcisse’s history with Jack Hatch and the fact Narcisse continues to publish Hatch’s column in the newspaper he serves as Editor-in-Chief (Iowa Bystander) warrants better than having Hatch’s surrogate Krause completely misrepresent Narcisse’s position on this key issue.

The video of Narcisse discussing his position on minimum wage is available

Keeping Up Appearances 

Narcisse concluded the evening on the Iowa State University Ames Campus where he spoke to the ISU Democrat Chapter Wednesday evening. Narcisse again stressed that this election is about the soul of the Democratic Party, especially on the justice and equity fronts.

Charles Ruhl, a real estate mogul from a powerful family in Scott County was recently sentenced to a year for his continued and habitual federal crimes, including stealing $1.3 million from his business partners. The judge agonized over the sentence, but felt Ruhl needed to be taught a lesson. Ruhl stated at his sentencing hearing that he stole to “keep up appearances.”

Meanwhile a young lady is serving a five year term for writing a series of bad checks. The one that earned her five years was for buying baby formula and diapers at the Ottumwa Walmart.

This is just one example of the profound disparity in justice that Narcisse has pledged to fight.

Narcisse also challenged Democrats, particularly senate Democrats, who gave Branstad a huge tax cut for himself and his cronies -  but now want to raise the gas tax on working Iowans, the elderly, single moms, etc.

“How can any Democrat, in good conscience, raise taxes on working Iowans while at the same time give the wealthiest and most powerful men and corporations in this state massive tax cuts? That is not protecting Iowans,” stated Narcisse.

Ending poverty also remains a top priority of Narcisse. “In a world where men have the wealth of nations it is unacceptable that children go to bed hungry in Iowa. Ending poverty will be the highest priority of my administration,” stated Narcisse.

Narcisse also talked about other priorities such as protecting public pensions, ending No Child Left Behind in Iowa, and putting Iowans back to work at Davis Bacon wages.

See the full video of Narcisse speaking with ISU students

Narcisse spent Thursday and Friday working on campaign infrastructure and fundraising.

He will be at I’ll Make Me A World In Iowa, one of the state’s largest cultural celebrations held annually in Des Moines prior to attending the Red, White and Blue Banquet in Davenport.

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