There Is a Choice – Jim Fisher (WOC 1420AM) on Jon Narcisse

There Is a Choice – Jim Fisher (WOC 1420AM) on Jon Narcisse

< Play the 12 minute interview here.   Davenport, Iowa | October 1, 2014 - Jim Fisher hosted Jonathan Narcisse at WOC 1420AM for a 5 o’clock drive time interview.

“There is a choice. You are not stuck with two echoes,” said Fisher when he introduced Jonathan as the Iowa Party candidate for governor.

Narcisse explains the Iowa Party as a “watchdog, accountability and political tool or weapon… that has the ability to begin restoring Iowa to her people.”

“We do that by focusing on where the money is spent. School boards, city councils, counties,  the executive branch of state government. We monitor ballot initiatives. When they decide not to put a request for $20 million to $100 million dollar on the general election ballot in November, that means we can be there with the ability to say No if it’s not really legitimate.”

Judges can be held accountable for their records by the Iowa Party, Narcisse explains to Fisher.

“With 2% (of the vote) Iowans will have a watchdog tool to hold the mis-managers accountable.”

When was the last time you heard a guy running for office say ‘taxes are not revenue?’ That, ‘a tax cut is not a revenue loss’? – Jim Fisher

The school district with 38 paid staff and 100 students is discussed.
The Polk County Cartel, the Branstad Era, and fiduciary failure of Branstad is also covered.

Download the 12 minute interview here >>> Jonathan Narcisse on Jim Fisher WOC 1420AM – Oct 1, 2014

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