Register Can’t Endorse Either Bad Choice

Register Can’t Endorse Either Bad Choice

The fact that neither major party candidate is suited to lead as governor has been validated by the Des Moines Register’s inablity to endorse either one.

“While Branstad’s re-election has an air of inevitability, that’s more because he is blessed with a weak opponent than because his record suggests he deserves another term. Indeed, there are many reasons why he does not deserve re-election.”

“Even many of his fellow Democrats are not passionate about Hatch’s candidacy. For the most part, his campaign is weak on specific policy issues and seems to be mostly focused on showing how he is not Terry Branstad. It requires more than that to persuade voters to unseat a veteran governor.”

Source: Des Moines Register – October 25, 2014

The door is now wide open to remind Iowans of the honest  choice for a governor who is strong  on very  specific  policy  issues , and will be Iowa’s Chief Accountability Officer .


With only 2% of the Iowa vote for Governor, Narcisse will  officially establish The Iowa Party. Iowans will now have an accountability party, rather than partisanship – unified behind the scenes – to keep us at odds with each other.

This means voters where they live will be empowered to hold elected officials from local legislators and school board members to state-wide legislators and district judges  accountable for their actions.

And, your donation may just very well spark the long-shot Jesse Ventura moment that Iowa needs to rescue it from the mediocrity that not even the Des Moines Register  could endorse.

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