Open Letter to Iowa’s Youth Voters

Open Letter to Iowa’s Youth Voters

Only 2% Changes Everything

Dear Iowa’s Youth Voters,
As we near election day, please consider a vote for Jonathan Narcisse for Governor.  Jon’s running on the Iowa Party ticket and if you help him win 2% of the vote, you will have helped achieve official ballot access for four years for the only party capable of holding both Republicans and Democrats in Iowa accountable – the Iowa Party!

Top 4 Reasons to Vote for Jon are below, and here’s his web page on Issues & Solutions.

[And, remember….if you vote straight ticket, you can still select a non-straight-party candidate for any single race and only that vote will be counted for that race. Iowa Voting Statute Says So!]

#1 Retain Iowa’s Youth with Free College/Tech School Tuition

Iowa is stagnating. We’re down to four congressional seats from six over the last 30 years. 

For students who stay in Iowa for each year that is paid for, and do community service each summer, Iowa can afford to pay for college/tech school education for over 100,000 students every year.

This plan keeps our younger population and their ideas in Iowa, and ensures that they, and their parents, are not sending billions out of state to service crushing debt.

We fund this program by eliminating non-essential jobs in the state-wide education system from K-College.


#2 Grow The Food We Eat, Re-Start Iowa’s Engine for Jobs

Narcisse advocates adding growing food consumed in Iowa to Iowa’s agri-business economy.

In a state where we have to import 90% of the food we eat, we’re missing a common sense opportunity to ensure food security for Iowans and a thriving industry creating good jobs in all 99 counties.

Just reducing Iowa’s $7.2 billion food trade deficit by 25% would spark a $2 billion industry, dwarfing subsidized ethanol while contributing to the overall health of Iowans.


Check out Narcisse Campaign Videos

#3 Re-Legalize Hemp & Marijuana

Narcisse’s plan includes full re-legalization of marijuana with three tiers of new state revenue to pay for infrastructure needs, without implementing the Branstad-Hatch supported gas tax increase.

“We’re closer than Colorado, and the tourism that will blossom is a boon to Iowans as well,” says Narcisse.

Iowans are very receptive to the natural and valuable by-product of this initiative – the re-legalization of Iowa’s hemp industry.

“This will create even more good high paying jobs in all 99 counties already tooled up for fuel, food and fiber applications.”


Narcisse on WHO-TV - 3 Minutes in the Chair!

#4 Resettle Iowa’s Urban & Rural Areas

To keep our young people in Iowa,  we must clear the impediments for them to settle and raise families in our dying rural and decaying urban areas.

Property tax reform, where taxable values are pegged to purchase price, is one tool that legislators must implement so the homes our young Iowans purchase remain affordable.

Reforming the property tax code will go a long way towards encouraging young Iowans to buy into and rebuild our blighted and depressed communities, both rural and urban.


Watch Jon Narcisse on the Steele Report

Over the year’s Jon’s traveled the entire state six times building on An Iowa Worth Fighting For. This campaign he visited all 99 counties with his documented solutions. He’s been interviewed by major TV andradio, and covered by many news print outlets.


2% Changes Everything.

On Feb. 28, 1854, a movement was born in Ripon, Wisconsin when about fifty abolitionists gathered with the expectation they would change a nation.

They faced a formidable foe, lacked the technology we possess today, and were most important, unincumbered by the excuses that so often paralyze us when facing opposition – great and small.

Six years after they gathered they elected the man on our U.S. penny, Abraham Lincoln, and launched the most successful, powerful and relevant third party movement in history.

Unfortunately that party has lost its way as has the party those abolitionists and free-soilers fought against.

On November 4, 2014, Iowans have the opportunity to create, with just 2% of the vote for Narcisse For Governor, a new Iowa based political movement focused on accountability - The Iowa Party.

Don’t waste your vote by casting it for the lesser of two evils. Vote for accountability, honesty, integrity and a tool that will transform Iowa and restore her to her people where she belongs.

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