Meet Jon in Davenport Wed Oct 22 at Genesis/Adler and Kahl Educational Buildings

Meet Jon in Davenport Wed Oct 22 at Genesis/Adler and Kahl Educational Buildings

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Narcisse Speaking at Genesis Hospital & EICC Kahl Building

Jonathan Narcisse, the Iowa Party candidate for Governor will be in Davenport, Iowa on Wednesday October 22nd for two public speaking engagements.

After touring facilities with hospital officials, Narcisse will be speaking at Genesis’ Adler Health Education Center from 3pm to 4pm, on Wednesday at Genesis EAST, in Davenport. 

He will be addressing invited employees of Genesis Health System, and answering their questions about his candidacy. The public is invited and welcome to attend and participate as well. 

Location: 1236 E. Rushholme Street, Davenport, Iowa

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And, at 6:30pm Narcisse will be delivering his major policy speech on Iowa Tax Reform inside the Eastern Iowa Community College Kahl Educational Center building, Room 1006, in downtown Davenport.

Narcisse will be available to meet and greet voters and answer questions until 8pm. 

Location: 326 West Third Street, Davenport, Iowa

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What’s at Stake: The Iowa Party, An Accountability Party

Narcisse, who is campaigning on a reform platform that calls into account both the major parities, is seeking at least 2% of the Iowa vote on November 4th so that the Iowa Party will have official party status and full state-wide ballot access for all partisan elected offices for four years. Narcisse, who grew up and lives in Des Moines, refers to the Iowa Party as the birth of Iowa voters’ only true second party choice.

Narcisse asserts that when both of the major party candidates came into office in the Iowa Statehouse in the 1970’s, Iowa had six federal congressional representatives. And that after more than 40 years of the “Branstad Era,” where both major parties have shared power and abused taxpayers, Iowa has only four congressional seats due to loss of population.

“Iowa’s tax code is one of the single biggest contributors to our state’s stagnation,” Narcisse says. “We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem.”

Visit for a 2 minute video on Reforming Iowa’s Tax Code.

The 51 year old candidate will be addressing how a Narcisse administration would reform state income tax, residential and commercial property tax and phase out the corporate income tax. He will explain how these measures will grow Iowan’s individual prosperity, lift Iowans out of poverty and retain Iowa’s middle class families and youth.

“We will cut a lot of taxes, but we will also cut a lot of wasteful spending,” says Narcisse.

Narcisse is an enigma to many major party political insiders who know his history as a very young twenty year old co-chair of the powerful Polk County Democrat Party and one who generated headlines by getting results as a reformist on the Des Moines School board in 2009.

Read more about Narcisse’s history in his Iowa Values, Common Sense Solutions campaign piece, here.

His efforts are gaining endorsements from both conservative talk-radio hosts, and liberal-activist leaders alike.

He is wrapping up his statewide 99 county tour next week and focusing his get out the vote campaign efforts in Iowa’s urban centers in the final ten days of the campaign, prior to election day November 4th.

If two percent of the Iowa voters support Narcisse this election, the Iowa Party will have official party status over the next Iowa Caucuses, presidential election cycle, and into 2018.

“We are building a potent statewide political tool that will help us recruit good candidates to run for local office – school board, city council, and county seats – as well as legislative candidates we will encourage to run in primaries where our organizational muscle will help them oust vulnerable incumbents in the June elections,” Narcisse says. 

“We will especially present a second party alternative where incumbent Democrats and Republicans at the county and legislative levels are re-elected term after term without ever facing a viable opponent, if any at all.”

Narcisse Speaking Engagements 

Wednesday, October 22nd
Davenport, Iowa

3pm – Genesis West
Adler Health Education Center

6:30pm – EICC
Kahl Educational Center

For more information, visit 

Contact 563-650-0120 or for interviews or more information. 

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