Bob Krause Dispels Jack Hatch’s Inevitability as Democratic Nominee

Former gubernatorial candidate Bob Krause acknowledges he was beating Jack Hatch despite only spending $1,500
Reinbeck, Iowa | Feb 9, 2014 – Former gubernatorial candidate Bob Krause talks about beating Jack Hatch in poll after poll, including the Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll. Krause made these comments at the Grundy County Democratic Party’s Soup Supper/Auction Fundraiser at the Reinbeck Memorial Building.

IowaPoll.Dec16.2013Pictured above: The Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll results in mid December 2013. Krause and Olson  have since dropped out of the race. Narcisse declared his candidacy in mid January. 

The narrative coming out of the Polk County Machine and their media allies is that Jack Hatch has already secured the Democratic Party nomination. This clip from Bob, who was forced out of the contest, disputes the inevitability of Hatch’s nomination especially since, after spending seven months and $200,000 on the campaign trail, Hatch lagged behind Krause who had spent approximately $1,500.

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